Chapter 1.9

This chapter is brought to you by “Boromir Needs Attention”

Meanwhile, Kelsi is making friends. She keeps evangelizing about vegetarianism. It seems to be working, contrary to what is shown here.

Serena is at level nine of her career. She’s talking to and researching plants a bunch now to finish her gardening skill.

Kelsi meanwhile finds herself doing her homework and working on his aspiration on her own. Serena isn’t as easy to cajole into a game of chess.

There didn’t seem to be any luck with Arwen, so we had Boromir try with Shelob.

Got a second castle school project. Kelsi did a lot better on this one!

She also made friends with the monster under her bed.

Bathtime! Arwen and Shelob both inherited their father’s fear of the bathtub. Boromir loves it.

Serena does make time for her daughter. She isn’t quite as good at playing dolls as Howard was, but it’s passable.

Arwen kept begging for a walk, so Serena took her out on a jog.

This is Serena maxing out gardening! She just needs to max flower arranging now. So close to a fridge, I can taste it!

Kelsi is being productive too. She manages to finish the whiz kid aspiration, but she won’t have time to do any others.

Now that her gardening is done, Serena is basically tethered to the flower bench.

She does have time to plant and grow a Cowplant though. Bessie means that she’s finished the Freelance Botanist aspiration! She picks the animal one next, but we don’t really expect to finish it.

Kelsi invites friends over pretty frequently, especially after I let her waylay every child that passed by.

I took my eyes off her for one second. Just one! And BOOM. Essence.

Even though I don’t expect her to finish it, Kelsi has been working on the creativity aspiration. Shelob and Arwen would rather she didn’t.

I forgot I had a mod that automatically assigns aspirations and traits upon aging up. So I was confused about the random teen in the house, until I realized it was Kelsi all grown up! Here she is after her makeover. She’s gained the serial romantic aspiration…and dislikes children.

We’ll deal with that later. For now she gets her hands wet with gardening, since she needs to get two skills up to level five out of gardening, fishing, and cooking.

She also takes over taking Arwen on a jog whenever she begs for a walk.

As we still lack a fridge, the only other skill she can work towards is fishing, so she does that. She gets up to level 3 pretty quickly.

We’ll end with Serena maxing out flower arranging! She just needs to get her promotion and all of her tasks are complete! She’ll have plenty of time to enjoy herself now.


Chapter 1.8

Howard is a great father. Really, he is. He always fixes the dollhouse after ABSOLUTELY DEMOLISHING IT FOR NO REASON.

I’m not sure what this picture was for, to be honest. I think just because Shelob was following Serena everywhere.

Probably because Kelsi was teaching Arwen to heel, so she was too busy to pet her.

This one is to show the new doggy door that was installed! Shelob refused to use it. She smelled it and then sat down outside until after Arwen showed her how it was done.

Decorations! It’s finally New Year’s Eve! At some point I changed to two weeks per season, because one seems too short. Two seemed to take ages though!

They don’t really have much to do for the holiday, what with not having a TV. They quickly set themselves some ambitions and gossiped about the townsfolk before going to work on their own skills.

The Dog Hangout trait made a reappearance, long enough for this boy to show up. I fell in love as soon as I saw him.

He’s friendly, independent…and I forgot his third trait. He’s named Boromir.

Then I saw this guy and got a little sad. He’s so fluffy!

Boromir and Arwen seemed to be getting along well.

So Serena encouraged them to mate.

Shelob, meanwhile, was making an unhappy discovery.

It’s not the location I wanted you to go Howard. You deserved a better spot. And maybe spring.

The ground is frozen, so his grave is temporarily next to the dogs. There’s plans though, once spring comes.

Until then, Serena and Kelsi have to muddle along, trying not to look at the grave at the corner of the lot.

Spring comes, and things start to thaw almost imminently. The faint hint of green beneath the snow is visible. And the bees are awake. Awake and angry.

Boromir has two different colored eyes!

He’s also the only one not afraid of the fire pit and loves to sleep right next to it.

Things are definitely thawed! Serena looks over the garden while waiting for Kelsi to get home from school.

Maaike came by to visit (and I remember I’ve never gone to see her, but in neighborhood view she has THREE babies).

All the dogs got a bath, but there’s only the one picture.

Two week’s worth of laundry is washed up. It only takes one scrubbing!

Hopefully it doesn’t rain!

This is one of Maaike’s children. I don’t remember her name because we weren’t home for long, before Serena and Kelsi made a trip.

There’s a new graveyard in town. It only has one grave right now, but it looks much better than where Howard had been. I wonder how strange it is to see your future grave plot?

It’s big enough for the heir and spouse for nine generations. The tenth shouldn’t need to use it. I may or may not move the pets to it, not sure yet.

Chapter 1.7

Serena is working hard to get her promotions. Perhaps too hard. Maybe she shouldn’t be flower arranging outside in a blizzard.

Kelsi is trying to teach the younger pups tricks. Shelob isn’t too thrilled.

Despite the blizzard, Serena manages to get Precious to the vet. She really needed it.

Luckily, the Medley’s have plenty of simoleons and can afford the very best treatment.

Back at home, Serena stuffs her face with plantains, the dogs hide from the storm, and Howard comes home with a promotion.

Howard is happy to read to Kelsi. She’s been stuck on the first stage of her aspiration for a while because I kept forgetting to have one of her parent’s read to her.

Serena was busy talking with Maaike, who had come by to share some good news. She’s pregnant!

That didn’t stop Serena from celebrating mischief day.

Kelsi got her mom back for Maaike though.

Mischief Day ended on a somber note though, when Precious passed away.

She got a little plot right next to Smeagol.

Arwen likes to hang out by Serena while she arranges flowers. Howard normally goes to work, while Serena works from home. Now that Kelsi is a child, that means Serena is home alone quite a bit.

Or, kind of alone. There’s the pups!

And Maaike stops by to visit a lot too.

Kelsi sometimes gets help with her school projects, but often she works on them alone. Serena is keeping her company while she studies gardening.

She always manages to convince her dad to play dolls with her though! He’s a great father.

Maaike is getting bigger! She’s also married now, but I don’t remember her new last name. Or the name of her husband.

Look at that castle! Would have preferred a school project that would increase her mental skill, but we’ll take it.

She’s got her dad to play chess with.

And fishing. Even though she’s vegetarian. Not that she really caught anything anyways.

Maaike is about to pop! I hope I remember to have them go visit to see the baby.

Kelsi is getting close to completing her aspiration. Howard doesn’t mind though, he needs logic for his promotions. More important though, I’ve gotten the notification about the end of his life, so he’s just spending as much time with his daughter as he can.

Serena feels bad scolding the dogs, but the one thing she and I can’t stand is them waking sims up.

Homework help time! Kelsi needed to be focused while doing her homework, and this is the easiest way.

Afterwards, Kelsi worked on teaching Arwen some tricks.

Later that night, we had a monster under the bed! I’d forgotten about these, because I always have the night light. But we can’t have that.

While Kelsi is waking up her parents, Arwen investigates. I thought it was cute!

I missed Serena spraying the monster, but it’s gone now. Much to Kelsi’s relief!

It stays away too. Kelsi might think it was because of the monster spray, but she really had a guardian in the form of Smeagol.

Chapter 1.6

Serena spends a fair amount of time with the puppies. They can’t really learn anything yet, but they’re cute.

Even cuter is Kelsi playing with them. How adorable is that?

Momma Precious is always around to make sure the little sim doesn’t get too rough with her puppies though.

One day was finally clear enough to do a badly needed load of laundry. Serena had to wash it several times before it got clean.

She was so exhausted afterwards, Howard had to put it up to dry.

He decided to go make a snow pal afterwards.

I can’t say I ever pictured him making one quite like that…

Howard has gotten to be quite friendly with Smeagol. It helps that the dog finally learned how to not wake up his sims.

Serena is working hard on flower arranging. She’s the best bet for reaching the top of the career, so I have her skilling hard.

Luckily, Kelsi is well skilled and will get the happy toddler trait when she grows up. So she can be mostly cared for by the dogs.

They don’t mind at all.

Shelob is growing up!

She has quite a few of her dad’s features! She grew to be a jumpy, vocal, adventurous dog.

She immediately cowered down though.

Outside, Smeagol laid down on the cold snow. It just seemed too hard to make it inside next to the fire. Besides, his Sim was right there making flowers and he didn’t want to go far from her.

He couldn’t quite understand why everyone was so sad.

He wanted to get up and lick the tears from the little Sim’s face, but he just couldn’t bring his legs to work for him.

Surrounded by his entire family, Smeagol passed away.

Serena built a little grave for him, sitting out and talking to him for a while.

His pups and Kelsi came over to make their own goodbyes, before Serena ushered them inside. It would be different without her close furry companion around, but he had lived quite long enough to make sure everyone would be taken care of. His oldest daughter was full grown and surely capable.

His youngest daughter grew up shortly afterwards, taking after him quite a lot though she had some of her mother’s features as well. Arwen became a jumpy, troublemaking, sleuth of a dog.

She also took special interest in Kelsi, making sure the little sim didn’t cry too much.

Precious left her daughters to do the heavy work of caring for a Sim family-silly sims always got worked up over the strangest things-but was always up for a good pet or cuddle.

Time passed and Serena got slightly better at flower arranging. Not enough for another promotion, but she was getting there.

Howard made sure to spend lots of time with Precious. She was younger than Smeagol, but not by much.

Shelob had taken over primary care of the oldest Sims in the house, often venturing out to her father’s grave. Maybe for advice?

Or maybe because it was close to where Serena worked on her flower arranging for large portions of the day. Now if only she could figure out what “Sit” meant…

We’ll end this rather somber update with a happy bit! Kelsi has grown up into a child! She’s got the logic aspiration and grew up to be a vegetarian, likely because of all the fresh veggies she ate as a toddler. Well, there’s plenty more where those came from!

Chapter 1.5

Let’s start this off with a warm welcome back!

Maybe…Maybe not that warm though.

Howard ran to rescue Kelsi by bring her out to the fire. They couldn’t put it out, so they just had to wait for it to burn out.

You can find this one on the gallery. It’s by TOKKI-SSI, and has the tags #vetclinic, #veterinarianclinic, #animalhospital, #vet, #vetinarian, #pets, and #brindleton. It’s so cute!

The next day I put down a vet clinic because both of the dogs were sick and I didn’t see any rules about not taking them to the vet. Serena was at work, so I had Howard take Kelsi with them.

Howard was smart enough to bring a toy to occupy Kelsi while they waited. It was a pretty long wait, but anything for the dogs!

First was Precious, because she seemed to have the worst symptoms.

Once she was cured, she was in charge of occupying Kelsi while they waited for Smeagol.

He was a very good boy on the vet table.

Back at home, while potty training Kelsi, I discovered that they could give her fruits! So no more high chair, yay!

Airplane! I love this interaction so much.

As a wild toddler, Kelsi is always taking her clothes off. Even in winter. In the snow.

Precious is normally able to corral her back inside, where one of her parents is able to wrestle her into something warm.

Turns out, Kelsi loves carrots. Look at that face!

So many of these pictures…Give me puppies!

Serena has been absent for a while, hasn’t she? Ever since that fire…Don’t worry, she lived. She’s just been working hard trying to reach the top of her career so I can get a fridge.

It does mean Howard spends most of the time on parent duty, but since he’s just working his way up job performance for promotions, that’s fine.

Maaike came by! Kelsi adored her and after Serena had to get up to do things like bathe and use the toilet, Kelsi wouldn’t leave Maaike alone.

Also, as I write this I realize I lost the Senility challenge. I’ve been controlling him because I forgot all about that! Oops!

Howard’s birthday came! He’s an elder now. I don’t think he’s going to get to the top of his career, so it’s all on Serena.

One downside of no indoor plumbing? Very cold baths.

It doesn’t seem to bother them though.


Kelsi has all the skills she needs for Happy Toddler (which is what I normally get) except potty training.

It’s Winterfest! I bought a decoration box and I’m letting Serena decorate as long as the decorations aren’t things like lights.

As a Winterfest present, I got the notification that Precious has puppies on the way! Yay!

They get a tree and do some decorating. Because it’s necessary.

Kelsi is so excited about opening her present. I don’t even remember what she got.

They spend the next few hours doing things like playing dolls and teaching the dogs tricks.

And then, while Kelsi is petting Smeagol, there’s flames!

Howard succeeds in rescuing Kelsi properly this time, while the dogs panic.

I was trying to get Serena to put out the fire, but there was routing issues again. So it had to burn itself out.

Kelsi was oblivious to the whole ordeal, thanks to Precious.

The couch was replaced, and Howard put the fire in the fireplace out for a while.

After purchasing a new rug, the family spent some time in their chilly living room.

Father Winter poofed down the chimeny, and Kelsi was super excited but wouldn’t ask for a present. Eventually, everyone went to bed.

Precious went into labor. Seriously? It hasn’t even been a full day since I got the notification?

Yet there they are! Two little girl puppies! Smeagol looks very proud of his fatherhood.

Taking after her father in coloring, we have Arwen.

And following her mother in coloring, we have Shelob.

The pet legacy continues!

Senility: Elders may not be controlled directly throughout the challenge. 5 points

Chapter 1.4

Raising an infant takes good teamwork. Especially when things like your clothesline breaks. Luckily, Serena and Howard are a good team.

Serena bought a bonsai tree to help with her gardening skill. She may be in the florist branch now, but she still needs to perfect her gardening.

Precious and Smeagol are getting along pretty well. Still no puppies though…

They’re adorable though. They love to sleep near Kelsi and keep an eye on her.

Howard is a very hands-on father. Also, what is that green spot back there?

It’s Harvestfest! Still no fridge, so no Grand Meal, but there is lots of pleading for forgiveness. Poor Serena didn’t have any luck with her offering.

Without a Grand Meal, Harvestfest is mostly the same as any other day. Except for magic new seed packets, which increase the size of the garden a bit.

There’s lots of socializing as well. I realize I don’t show it much, but these two are quite adorable.

They decide to end the holiday by raking up some leaves. Serena proceeded to get bugged out to the point where she would stop what she was doing to go rake leaves. It was annoying.

Seriously, the dogs love Kelsi. Howard, despite being mean, is good friends with both of the dogs.

Precious is the most attached to Kelsi. Still no puppies though. I guess all her maternal needs are satisfied by the baby…but my challenge points aren’t!

Aaah! Isn’t this so pretty? Howard is still working on his aspiration but it probably won’t get completed.

He’d rather spend time with his baby girl.

Speciously since she’s growing so quickly! She grew into a wild toddler.

I decided to give her her own bedroom. A two bedroom house seems like a good plan, especially since the family won’t really get too much larger than this with the population rules in effect.

Here’s the new floor plan. It’s pretty nice.

Howard helps with toddler training just as much as he helped with infant care.

It means Serena has plenty of time to spend with Smeagol. Who was in desperate need of a bath. He’s also an elder now, so we really need those puppies.

I got the high chair and realized I could give Kelsi food without a fridge. It seemed a little cheaty, so I only gave her an applesauce (and deleted an apple to pay for it).

Let’s try for puppies again!

Poor Smeagol took so long to sit down…I’m going to miss him so much!

Mmmm, fish. Howard kept some surplus out on the counter for Serena.

Smeagol is spending more time with Kelsi, now that she’s a toddler. He’s so adorable. Except when he wakes her up.

Precious is just as guilty of waking her up, but she also drinks from the puddles. Near the toddler toilet. The full toilet. Eeew.

Howard is always willing to read Kelsi back to bed though.

Precious is an elder now too! These two just don’t wanna give me puppies…

I need them! Look how cute Kelsi is with the doggies! Imagine the puppy cuteness!

They can still try as elders, so I keep having them try when I see the option. The number of times I’ve encouraged them to mate…It’s too high.

Will there be puppies? Guess you’ll have to see next time!

Chapter 1.3

The chess table is a new favorite. Howard is better at it than Serena, but that’s okay. She doesn’t need logic for anything, it’s just for fun.

It helps take her mind of things. Like the queasy feeling in her stomach she’s been having.

Howard is fitting in quite nicely. I keep forgetting to go change his clothes to something more appropriate. He and Smeagol are on and off again friends. Howard gets upset at him for doing things like waking him up from sleeping, and scolds him. Then he pets him.

Having picked up the fishing aspiration, except for when he needs to do some gardening for his job (since he has maxed gardening skill already), he spends a lot of time fishing.

We brought the dog lot trait back to find another dog, and this pretty girl here showed up again. She was in the first batch. Howard got along quite well with her, but she left before he could adopt her.

Howard has also taken on the task of fixing the broken items in their house. I like to think the toilet breaking is really just them having to clean it out, since there isn’t really any plumbing for their waste to go anywhere…

Serena does most of the laundry, but she did teach Howard how to do it. She isn’t going to do all of it forever!

Especially since she has news to share with Howard! We’re expecting generation two!

Howard isn’t too happy at first. Probably because he realized this laundry chore was going to be his while his wife was pregnant.

He got plenty excited after that though. Thanks to the government rules because of overpopulation this would be the only baby they would have. So he better be excited!

The dog came back! Howard was quick to adopt her. He named her Precious. Not because there was any naming scheme with the dogs or anything…

I’ll admit, I really wanted to adopt this boy though. We needed a girl though.

Ah! So cute! I’ve never seen a dog do this before! Smeagol is really interested in that honey. Good thing it’s so far back on the counter.

Serena eats all the strawberries in her inventory. Hopefully it’s enough to ensure that she has a girl. There aren’t any second tries!

She isn’t quite sure if it’s the strawberries or the baby that’s making her sick though…

Precious is obviously Howard’s dog, but Serena does become friends with her.

Howard is not happy. He just hung those clothes up, and now it’s pouring rain.

After a little bit I realized we didn’t have enough beds for the dogs, so now they each have their own. I can’t wait to see their puppies. I just don’t know when I should work towards puppies…

Howard was working out with Precious brought him a ball. So instead of getting a fitness skill for New Skill Day, he got a dog training one. Also, I really need to change his clothes.

Serena got a flower arranging skill point. She’s still not quite to that branch-she needs one more promotion-but it can’t hurt to get a head start.

Maaike came by and Serena realized she hadn’t told her about the baby. So of course, they spend the whole afternoon discussing baby things.

Smeagol is still always getting into lots of trouble. So he still has to get baths all the time.

He’s chill to just fall asleep afterwards though. I think he’s getting used to the bathtub. Also, Serena is getting pretty big.

Howard finally caught his first fish. Yes, despite all that time fishing, this is the first one he caught.

Are you sure it’s safe to do that while pregnant, Serena? I’d be concerned….

Howard was cute and wanted to leave a drawing for Serena, so I got them the family bulletin board.

I hope one of them can reach the top of their career, but I don’t think it’ll be any time soon. I really want a fridge though…Also, that post card is a gift from her bees. She didn’t get on a computer or anything.

Precious was doing the heart bark, so I had Howard convince Smeagol that she was the most beautiful girl dog in the world. Here’s hoping for puppies!

Got some rocks to sit on around the campfire. Also, even if they don’t have a fridge by the time baby is a toddler, baby can just live off fish dishes. …Yay?

Speaking of baby, it’s baby time!

It looks like Howard is just ignoring the birth, but he’s actually running to put the book away so he can come back and panic properly. Also, welcome to our second generation, baby girl Kelsi!

This is such an adorable picture. Howard looks so happy.

He’s going to be a great dad, I can tell. As soon as Serena finished feeding the baby and climbed into bed exhausted, he was cuddling his little baby girl. Too cute!

I know I can add another room now, since I have three sims, but I’m not sure what to add so I’m not adding anything just yet.